Menu & Prices & Shipping & Payment info

Well, Amigos and Amigas.

We usually have the same prices, no season-change, Always regular menu, and also, the shipping its incluided into this prices.

1 gram – 9 € a gram – Indoor strains

1 gram – 7€ a gram – Outdoor Strains

1 gram – 8€ a gram – Hash Moroccan or Handmade top quality

1 gram – 7€ a gram – Moroccan hash middle 7-10 quality range

1 gram – 6€ a gram – Low quality hash 6-10 quality range

Minimum purchase: 28 grams 1 OZ. Price incluide Shipping.

Shipping time: 3 to 18 days UK & Ireland & N.Ireland & Wales & Scotland

Payment method: Paypal & Bitcoin (We like Paypal better)

Shipping method: Spanish Mail, last 3-5 days of we do deliverys, you can follow track# number at Royal Post or IE Post , depends if you are in UK & Ireland & N.Ireland & Wales & Scotland

% of success delivery: 99% UK & Scotland & Wales & Ireland & N.Ireland. All vacuum seeled and domestic mail, as a gift, customs declaration clear. 0 problems from Spain.

Maximum quantity of ship: 1024 gr, 1kg. For security issues, if you want more of this quantity, please, write us first!

Shipping days: Monday & Wednesday

Payment way: Always money in advance, WE DONT SEND OR WORK WITHOUT MONEY IN ADVANCE. We Pro’s in this business. 0 scam on this bitch!


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