About our outdoor Strains

Outdoor Strains – Info – All of this products we always try to have TOP BIO natural, without pesticides and shit, we got different grow-suppliers all over Spain, italy, germany, and portugal, sometimes Albania, ALL NATURAL, fresh, only for the customers want the natural, and fresh style, or some homies and homegirls don’t like the indoor flow, by the way, we also recommended to feel the european natural flavours to the fullest:

  1. Lemon haze
  2. Psicodelicia
  3. Magnum
  4. Spanish Amnesia
  5. Critical 2.0
  6. Critical +
  7. Critical XXL
  8. Cheese Lemon
  9. Mandarine Cream

For any kind of purchase, info, etc, please write us via Whatsapp at 0034602174422. Thanks,. CMM Team